Day 1-Frustrated

I was so looking forward to this day–March 1st. My teaching partner and good friend has her birthday in this month and has claimed this month “her birthday month”…even though I have a birthday in this month as well.

I have been thinking about those message boards that have been all over Pinterest since December and put post its and marked my calendar so I would not forget to make a count down to her birthday on it and put it in the teacher’s lounge…I knew she would love it.

Even better, I thought this would be a great day 1 for the SOL since writing everyday will be a challenge. Yes, I bought a gratitude journal for 2019 and lost steam after 2 weeks–Yeah me!

What is frustrated to me was navigating how to work this website—give me paper and pencil please. There are way too many buttons on the side, too many choices and someone that is not tech savvy is feeling anxious at day 1. I’m in trouble…

I had a cute picture for a header…I don’t know where it went. And I’m not sure if I will be able to link this to the right spot.

But it is my friend’s birthday month and I will try not to let my inability to figure out technology ruin it.

Yes she was happy to see this. I’m sure you heard her scream.

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