Day 2-OLD

I’m officially an old person–and it isn’t my birthday yet! It hit me last night when I was out on a Friday night.

I fell asleep during a live performance that I paid good money for…not just a little shut my eyes and snooze for a second. Oh no…this was the good old head bobbing, arms and legs jerking around kinda falling asleep. The (young) couple next to me must have been wishing for new seats. I’m sure I ruined their night out or added to the entertainment.

I can’t blame it on teaching kids all day–we had an institute day and got out earlier than I would have on a regular day. I drank my usually gallon of coffee–I should have been able to stay awake until at least…10 pm.

Needless to say, I left at half-time (intermission, whatever). When I crawled into bed , deep into the cover, waiting for that deep sleep to come– the joke was on me. Apparently, I got my REM sleep at the theater. #restless sleep

Well, at least I didn’t have to put my dentures in a cup of water near my nightstand…yet!

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