Day 3-Grocery shopping

I will never go grocery shopping again–ever. Repeat: I will NEVER go grocery shopping again–ever.

I will dust my house. I will vacuum mounds of dog hair. I will clean bathrooms, pick up dog droppings in the yard, clean grout, but I will never go to the grocery store again.

I’m not saying I’m not going to eat-that’s ridiculous but I have recently discovered that some grocery stores will actually shop for you AND deliver your items to your door. Life changing…

I have taken back my Sunday!!! I would sit and meal plan with my coupons and recipes and Pinterest boards (more saved items than made items…) early Sunday morning and that took a bit of time. Then once in the store, I would go down every aisle, adding items to the cart for meals that I think I will make but don’t or have an item “just in case”….

Generally, $200 dollars later for 2 adults and 1 dog ( a big dog), food and items that weren’t on my list (who knew i was running low on mascara and the bath towels were on sale) and 3 hours later -which is time I can’t get back I would realize time and time again how much I don’t enjoy this chore.

When a store sent out flyers and emails about a service to have shoppers shop for you and would be delivered–I truly felt like I had won the lottery–at least a scratch off for a free ticket.

I gave it a try. The wasted time from being in the store is now spent on things that I want to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I’m actually saving money by not impulse buying and seeing what is on sale on the end-caps of each aisle.

Moral of my story: If you want something done, have someone else do it for you!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Day 3-Grocery shopping

  1. Oh yes, Brenda! Aren’t the grocery shopping pick-up amenities amazing?!? Charlie and I started using Walmart grocery pick up this winter as his weekends were packed with coaching wrestling. And I kept telling him- there is no way I am going to go grocery shopping in the dead of winter by myself with a baby next year. Ugh! Yes- plenty of people have done it, BUT if it can be avoided, I am all for it! Amen to taking back Sundays!


  2. Amen! I gave up grocery shopping too…the second I found out that my husband would do it. You are right: If you want something done, have someone else do it for you! Enjoy your new freedom.

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