Day 5: Earl

Earl the rescue dog! Not sure who rescued who…but it doesn’t matter now. Earl, the best divorce present I gave myself 4 years ago.

I was married for 27 years then my husband decided he didn’t want to be married anymore. After I lifted my jaw off the floor after hearing that, I went to counseling and met with a financial planner and called my friend who worked at a shelter–not in that order.

Just so happens, my friend called me about a yellow lab mix (labs are my fav), who was rescued from a kill shelter in another state, and was going to get processed into her shelter in the morning and asked if was I interested in looking at him . DUH!

My daughter and I went to visit the dog ,who at the time was named Jake from State Farm-clever, but no thank you. We were introduced to him outside in the backyard. When my daughter saw him she was like “Mom, no way. His ribs are showing, his nose is scraped up , his bottom teeth are ground down to nothing and he has a cough”

I was like, ” Aww look at him! His ribs are showing, his nose is scraped up, his bottom teeth are a mess and he has a cough…poor thing”

We interacted with him for a bit, he sniffed around us, let us pet him, he pretty much was indifferent–not a big licker, or barker, just chill. I wasn’t sure at this point if this dog would be a good fit. I’m use to dogs running around, licking, barking, wagging tails–you know just plain crazy. We were chatting with the woman who rescued him, and discussing the whole process of adopting, when all of a sudden Jake from State Farm lifted up his leg and peed in my purse that I had laid down while I was petting him!

The woman was mortified! She ran in the house to get some paper towels. I was dumping my purse looking for the my checkbook. When she came out, I said “how much for the dog?”

We changed his name to Earl (it fits him) and Earl and I are very lucky we found each other. Well, Earl is luckier–He gets two walks a day, has his food delivered, snacks on expensive bully sticks, sleeps in my bed…

He is just enough naughty….

7 thoughts on “Day 5: Earl

  1. I’m so glad you wrote about Earl. Each time I open your blog his adorable face is staring at me and it makes me smile. It sounds like you have a match made in heaven. Not sure what message he was trying to give you with the purse thing, but I’m so happy for him that you heard “Adopt me” rather than anything else.


  2. What a great “first meeting” story! You did a great job contrasting your response with your daughter’s by changing the first few words. Earl is indeed a lucky dog!


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