Day 6 –

This was almost the best day in my teaching career-I say almost because the best thing started to happen, then it didn’t.

I’m talking about being able to co-teach all day with my teaching partner! Let me back up…

Our district has a sub shortage at times so there are days when some teachers in the building ( mostly the specials teachers) have to cover the class of the absent teacher.

Yesterday, a fourth grade teacher went home sick and then showed up this morning to make sub plans. (We all do this, right? I write better sub plans than my own lesson plans. ) While checking to see how she was doing, she mentioned that she called in for a sub at 6:30 this morning and wasn’t sure if there would be a sub available to take the job. I kinda had a feeling that me or my teaching partner would get asked to cover her room as we both have student teachers who are pretty much teaching all day. Fourth grade is next door to my room so I would be able to check in on my student teacher throughout the day.

You guessed it. My principal asked my partner and I if one of us would cover the fourth grade class–we told him we both would!

We were so excited about being able to hang out all day, laugh and drink coffee together, that we forgot we would actually have to teach the fourth grade curriculum all day–and they are doing decimals in math!!!!

As luck would have it, someone had picked up the sub job and would be arriving at 8:30. I got to co-teach with my teaching partner for 30 minutes—which when all is said and done, was probably a good thing!

5 thoughts on “Day 6 –

  1. Some opportunities are too good to be true. It sounds like you had a great time while it lasted. What a fun opportunity.


  2. I think it’s great that you have such a close relationship with your teaching partner, and I’m glad you were able to laugh and enjoy some time together before the sub arrived.


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