Day 8 It Happened…

Remember a day or two ago when I said it was almost the best teaching day ever? and then it wasn’t? Well, today it was!!!!! My teaching partner (Sarah) and I got to co-teach music! What is even more hilarious, is that neither one of us can carry a tune–sorry Sarah if you did not know that about yourself…

The music teacher left amazing plans otherwise we would have playing Name that Tune compliments of ITunes.

It started with the kinders. Three 25 minutes classes in a row, back to back, no break,no bathroom, no coffee. Thank goodness there were 2 of us. The music teacher provided a sing- a -long cd but this group wanted to run around the room singing and jumping. The second group came in and we told them during the sing along they had to stay on the risers or the floor. I don’t think they have ever sat on the risers, because they were fascinated by them and of course spent the time trying to jump off of them. By the third class, Sarah and I had this cd sing along thing figured out. They had to sit on the carpet section. No dancing, no singing, no nothing–OK they could sing. It was a sing along.

Wait, I think my class came in for music first and I think there were 2 third grade classes as well thrown in the mix today. I can’t remember but my first grade class had to play a musical memory game which I was quite impressed how they knew about the woodwinds and brass instruments. Since it is Friday, they play Freeze Dance Friday. Sarah and I wanted to join in the fun, so we had a first grader run the music and another one video us dancing with the class. Well, when the music stopped, I could not keep my balance, and I fell and obviously was out. Sarah was less than a foot away from me and she did not even try to catch me as I was falling on her feet. She was solid as a statue. I guess she really wanted to win Freeze Dance more than making sure her dearest friend doesn’t get hurt.

Then we ended the day with two 5th grade classes. They let us sing the kindergarten hello song to them–and we still got it wrong. The 5th graders were good sports and let us be silly with them as most were our former students.

Our student teachers got valuable time in the classroom, even though we were a door away, Sarah and I got to connect with former students and hang out with each other and we gained a new respect and are in awe of our wonderful music teacher!

I wonder where what our next assignment will be?

2 thoughts on “Day 8 It Happened…

  1. It sounds like you are having entirely too much fun for a Friday! I could feel your giggles and silliness. And your music teacher does sound amazing!


  2. It’s amazing how much we appreciate someone once we step into their shoes temporarily. How much fun that you were able to do this with your colleague, embrace the silly, and simply enjoy music and students. Your slice has a wonderful mood throughout and made me smile!

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