Day 12 Foolish

I got an email for a receipt for something I didn’t buy. There was a link to click on if I didn’t authorize the purchase. Of course, I started the process–then filling out the information form, it asked for my social security number…I hesitated, started to put it in, then stopped and erased it

I ran this by my son who lives in California and works for the company I received the email from. I sent him a screen shot of the email, which his reply was ” Mom, customer is spelled wrong…” Looking closer, it was as well as the heading where it said Dear Customer instead of my first name.

I quickly changed my password but I’m still haunted by the fact how easily I was fooled. Lesson learned.

4 thoughts on “Day 12 Foolish

  1. So frustrating! I’m afraid all this fraud is ruining honest businesses that are trying to communicate with their customers. Amazing that your son works for the same company and could give good counsel.

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