Day 16: Done

What makes old creaking sounds, gasps for air, and can pull a sprint out at the finish line? Uhm, that be me participating in a 5K…not too bad for an old lady with osteoporosis.

My daughter and I have started a tradition of running the St. Patricks Day 5k about 4 years ago. We are not runners but we like green beer, corn beef, and the color green and oh, we are Irish–enough reasons in my book to run a 5k.

Each morning when we rise very early, we check in with each other-each of us hoping the other will say they don’t feel like running….but it hasn’t happened yet.

I even hate to admit it, but I enjoyed this year’s run–probably because I power walked it. My daughter has not been the healthiest this year so we agreed to power walk and run when we felt like it. Best decision ever.

I wasn’t bothered when little kids were sprinting by me, moms with strollers zipping around me and people older than myself were jogging past–my goal was to show up and finish. I accomplished both.

So, what makes old creaking sounds, gasps for air, and crawls back to bed?….Me


6 thoughts on “Day 16: Done

  1. Brenda- I love your ability to make every situation an absolute blast! I too dont even want to think about possibly running a 5K, but doing it with someone you love- and beer in hand while power walking makes it so much better! Love your optimism!

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  2. Yeah – YOU! I saw that you did that again this year. It was my hope that Ryan and I would participate in this run….maybe next year. With an last name (well former last name) of O’Leary, that might be Irish-enough to join you two! 🙂

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  3. I really like how you structured your post, beginning with a question and returning to a related one for your ending. Congrats on the 5K and on the post!


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