Day 19: girl time

I consider myself lucky to work with a group of ladies that are my dearest friends outside of school.

We are all different ages, some just starting families, some empty-nesters, some newly married/divorced, and have dealt with deaths in our families. We have gone through it all together and have rallied around each other since forever.

We are also spread out among our building and teach different grade levels and have different lunches. One of us decided to get all of us together once a month for dinner with each of us taking a turn hosting.

It has been so good for the soul to go out–even on a school night. The laughter, getting caught up with what is going on in our building (some of us live in a bubble), and sharing a meal is way cheaper than therapy.

We were brave enough to go on an overnight trip together and rent a house. The memories made last summer sparked us to book another trip in June.

I’m the oldest on the squad, closest to retirement, but these ladies keep me young and I can’t imagine not going to a place everyday where my friends are –even if I have to call it work.

6 thoughts on “Day 19: girl time

  1. That’s awesome. How cool you did a getaway! I always loved everyone at your school. Always loved the whole vibe of the school. I miss it! Glad you get to enjoy your time with them!


  2. What a blessing to have such camaraderie with the girls in your building. That’s the kind of thing that would make you want to postpone retirement…although, they may let you retire and STILL come on a June get-away.

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