Day 23: Leaving…

I’m leaving, on a jet plane…don’t know when I’ll be back again.. (an old song)

Ok I do know when I’ll be back. But I’m heading out to Virginia for a wedding.

I love weddings. I love seeing the bride walk down the aisle. I always see the look on the groom’s face when he sees his future wife (thank you glam squad)

I love the beautiful flowers. I love that everyone dresses in their nice clothes.

I love that we are witnessing the beginning of a commitment and a new family uniting.

I love that we end the church ceremony with a big party with food and drinks and cake!

I love spending time with family. I’m only going to be gone overnight, but I’ll be coming back with a suitcase (thank you United for the extra charge) full of memories.


3 thoughts on “Day 23: Leaving…

  1. I will also be singing the song in my head the rest of the night! It is obviously wedding season…I have three in the next two months. Good thing we all like cake, huh?


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