Day 27: Simple

Company is gone, putting my house back together, kinda not sure what to slice about. Walking Earl every morning, I always affirm everything I’m grateful for so I think I’m just going to write them here–unless I think of another Earl story and who doesn’t love an Earl tale?

  1. Wildlife in my backyard. Every single time I see a deer, coyote, raccoon, opossum, bird and even a skunk, I just stop and stare out the back window in a trance–While Earl barks his head off. Not very tranquil but baby steps.
  2. Opportunities for my kids. Allowing people and opportunities to come in to their lives.
  3. Health–knock on wood.
  4. Budget–that I have some money to budget–spring break has gotten me a little careless with my finances
  5. Minimalist as a focus–trying to be more with less. Let go of stuff–I’m mean my stuff. I need to leave my daughter’s stuff alone even though I know she doesn’t wear half of the clothes in her closet.
  6. Spring break-time to recharge and be a better teacher when I go back.

I have more, but it was a short walk….


2 thoughts on “Day 27: Simple

  1. I’m always thrilled when I spy wildlife outside my windows. We’ve have loads of turkey and deer visiting lately. I also had a close call with a skunk! I wasn’t quite as thrilled about that. Can you believe the month is almost over? Great job showing up to finish strong!


  2. Excellent practice for a walk…counting your blessings. So jealous of all that wildlife spotting! (And, an Earl story is ALWAYS welcome!) Love your list.

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