Day 30: I’m a brat

I don’t really need anything or want anything for my birthday I told my kids. Having my son in town and eating out and playing cards was more than enough for least I thought.

My daughter brings out a gift bag and said they had a few little things for me. Again, I protested–you shouldn’t have done anything, you guys don’t have extra money, etc…

Well, I unwrapped the first gift. It was the best shirt in the history of the world.

Of course, I screamed and jumped up and down. I guess I really did need this. How was I to know?

Then I opened up the second gift. I blogged about this earlier in the week–a deck of cards with Earl’s picture on it.

Again, best gift in the history of the world. More squealing and jumping around. Kids must wash hands and wear latex gloves to use these cards. I didn’t know I needed or wanted these. My kids know me.

Then I got to gift number 3. This is where I turned into a greedy brat. I couldn’t wait to see what Earl item I was going to open. Well, I opened this…

My face gave me away. Earl was not on this wine glass. I turned it around and looked at the bottom just to make sure. I told my kids I should have opened this first….Oops, wish I could take that back.

Then I said, I thought you would have gotten me Earl coffee cups…. (kinda bratty) Wish I could take that back too.

Next year, I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a big fat hairy, nothing. *Sigh


3 thoughts on “Day 30: I’m a brat

  1. This made me laugh! My mom says things all the time she wishes she could take back. My sisters and me make fun of her for all the things that pop out of her mouth before she actually thinks about them. It sounds like your kids know you well enough to tell that story numerous times in your presence, just to embarrass you! And they may even call you a Brat! They obviously love you anyway!


  2. You crack me up, Brenda!! And keep it real! Your gifts from your kids are so fitting! The rescue shirt is my fav! And I did not know you could make a deck of cards with a personalized pic. I might want these with Charlie on them! Hahaha

    Happy birthday!


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