Day 9: Pilates

Reunited and it feels so good… that’s all I could think of when I walked into the Pilates class this morning. Even the teacher said “long time, no see.”

I really hate the thought of exercising and can talk myself out of it pretty quickly. There seems to always be a better offer on the table than to exercise. But once I get to the gym or the class, I’m always glad I showed up. I don’t understand why I make a big deal about not going.

I always plan to go after school but then there are meetings and phone calls and planning, etc (excuses…) Funny, I have time for my hair appointment after school. Then I think I will exercise on the weekend when I have more time. But no, I have to clean the house, run errands, do more school work, walk Earl or take him to the dog park…more excuses.

And by the rare chance I’ve made plans to go out on a Saturday, if I work out first, then run errands,do I put some make-up on in case I run into families from school? If I do that, then I have to take all of it off and start over if I go out…You can see why not exercising is an easy answer.

What I’m going to try to do this coming week is to put in my planner at least 2 days that I can work out after school and see how that goes. I really like to exercise, it is the getting there is what I hate.


6 thoughts on “Day 9: Pilates

  1. Why is it so easy to create bad habits and so difficult to create good ones? Also, it’s really easy to break good habits, but terribly hard to break bad ones. Something is wrong with this picture! Great post!


  2. I have never liked exercising either. The only reason I ever do it is because I have a treadmill. If I have to leave the house, it just doesn’t happen. (except for walks outside, those are my favorite workouts.) I used to go to zumba. That was the one thing I could leave for. It’s too bad I can’t do it anymore.

    Good for you!


  3. Maybe Pilates would make me want to exercise–I’ve never tried it–but I’m thinking, no. I hate, hate, hate exercising. However, like you, I am always glad when I actually finish a workout, yet can find a hundred excuses not to even start. Good for you for following through.


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