Day 11: blank

I got nothing. No ideas, nothing happened but I know I have to write something. My mind is cluttered with the report cards that I have to put in order of parent teacher conference for this Thursday and Friday. My mind is wandering on how to positively tell parents about some behaviors that are still lingering since September. I’m not sure I have all the reports that I’m suppose to have and did I send home the math assessment or was I keeping that for conferences? I think I’ll eat a doughnut…

5 thoughts on “Day 11: blank

  1. Ugh…I have report cards coming up too. They take over all your thoughts and most of your brain. I totally understand not having any room for a post today.


  2. I’m in the trenches with report cards as well–or at least I should be. It’s a tough time to manage the challenge, but good for you for showing up! Like Brittany, I really like how your ending linked to your previous slice!


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