Day 28: If looks could kill…

I’m being dramatic but still…I dropped Earl off at a new doggy day care facility for a few hours. You would have thought I sent him to the torture chamber…

Prince Earl does not do daycare. I have been fortunate to have friends come over and walk him and let him out if I have to go out of town. So when I leave, his life does not get interrupted. He is a rescue dog and has been through enough–yes I enable him but so what????

Anyway, when I had to go away for a wedding, my Earl care plans fell through and I was scrambling to find a friend to watch him. That is when I realized I need a back up babysitter (oops, dog sitter). I had to do some self-talk : “he’ll be ok” “it will be good for him to socialize with other dogs” “he will be wore out when he comes back” blah, blah, blah.

I feel I gave him the bait and switch this morning. We went for our morning walk then shortly after, I got the keys to the car and his leash and he was prancing around like a show dog–oh boy, if he only knew I was about to ruin his day….

Well, I dropped him off, he gave me the death stare as I was leaving and I’m sure he is plotting to destroy the house when he gets home.

Happy Thursday to me.


4 thoughts on “Day 28: If looks could kill…

  1. Baiting and switching your dog. Now, that’s a new concept! I hope all goes well for Earl and that he doesn’t retaliate. On the bright side, if he does, you can get a slice out of it.


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